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The entities that can receive funds from the Program are: private non-profit organizations (Philanthropic Health Units, for example) or public bodies, except the Federal Government or entities that depend on it and that receive budgetary transfers for their maintenance.

The health projects presented must be aligned with the premises of Juntos pela Saúde, including:

– Concentrate its operations in the North and Northeast regions of the country;
– Aim to benefit public health actions and services within the scope of the SUS.

All registered health projects will be submitted for approval by the Validation Committee, made up of members of BNDES and other supporters of Juntos pela Saúde.

Potential executors must follow the notices opened on this page and register their projects, always paying attention – to the selection requirements described in each Notice. They may also contact by e-mail juntospelasaude@idis.org.br iindicating health projects under its execution to be supported. The projects will go through the Expert Committee to verify compliance with the Initiative’s minimum requirements. Subsequently, they will be forwarded to the Validation Committee for acceptance or rejection.

It is important to highlight that are not eligible for support projects that:

a) are related to other public policies that act on social and economic determinants of health, such as basic sanitation, education, promotion of lifestyle and nutrition habits, even though they may have an impact on the health conditions of the population;

b) focus on health actions and services with restricted access, such as those linked to health plans or that involve any form of direct payment by the population to access them; and

c) directly favor the private partner/supporting institution, or institutions linked to them.

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